Care & Welfare

Care and Welfare

The safety, care and welfare of our students are of paramount importance at all times, day and night. Pre-departure information packs provide parents with all details of the care and welfare arrangements which we put in place for our students.

Supervision and Risk Assessment

The campus and student accommodation is supervised at all times, day and night by our residential male and female staff. Excursions and activities are always planned, organised and risk assessed for safety. There is always one adult to every fifteen students during activities and on excursions.

Student Illness

The college appoints a matron to look after students when they are ill and will arrange doctor and hospital appointments for any students whenever it is necessary to do so. In addition to the Matron, a number of Residential and Senior Staff are trained in First Aid and Administering Medication. Brooke House College will contact parents to inform them whenever their child falls ill or requires medical attention.