Airport & Eurostar meeting points

For every transfer you have booked, we have a pre-arranged meeting point where your child will be able to meet up with a member of our staff or the local taxi company that we work closely with. 

We have visited each of the airport terminals, and St Pancras (Eurostar), to seek out the best meeting points and take photographs so that your child can find us with ease. 

Please click on the links below to view concise instructions on where your child is arriving to. We suggest that you print out the relevant instructions and pass on to your child, in addition to the transfer confirmation that we send, so that they can see clearly where they need to go to. 

Birmingham Airport

East Midlands Airport

London City Airport

London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 2

London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 3

London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 4

London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 5

London Gatwick Airport - North Terminal

London Gatwick Airport - South Terminal

Luton Airport

Market Harborough Train Station (from London)

Market Harborough Train Station (from The North)

St Pancras Train Station (Eurostar)

Stansted Airport

The person collecting your child will be holding our Brooke House Summer School sign so please instruct your child to look out for that. The sign should also contain the name of  your child and should look like the example below. 

Please ensure that you have sent us the arrival and departure details of your child so that we can make all of the necessary arrangements. You can send this information by email to or you can complete the online link below.

Arrivals & Departures