Education for Life

Medicine Foundation Programme

Entry Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of Secondary education - Year 12 (Level 3) or equivalent
  • UKVI IELTS 6.0 Overall
  • Each case will be assessed on an individual basis

Course Objective

Preparation for entry into Medicine under graduate degree programmes in the UK and abroad.

Course Outline

Course Handbook

The programme prepares students for entry on to a Medicine degree programme, providing them with an important overview and knowledge of biology, chemistry and maths. The modes of teaching and learning are designed to provide and facilitate high quality teaching and learning in a supportive and productive environment which encourages self-awareness, reflective practice and cross-cultural awareness.

Mandatory Units Include:

  • Biology – Biochemistry, Respiration and Organ Systems
  • Chemistry – Structure, bonding and the mole, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
  • Maths – Core Maths, Pure Maths and Extra Pure Maths Communications skills

Entry Requirements for UCLAN MBBS Medicine

Possible entrance onto the UCLAN MBBS Medicine course could be achieved by:

  • UK HE fee regulations prevent UK/EU students applying for this programme
  • 80% each unit exam, giving an overall of at least 80%
  • UKVI IELTS 7.0 in all components
  • Completing an application form that should contain a personal statement, transferable skills statement, which will then lead onto a multiple mini interview (MMI)
  • BMAT and the UKCAT are not required.